E-commerce: a growing rise

The e-commerce B2C market is growing year after year and knows no borders. This is why there is a substantial increase in the amount of packages coming to Europe from Asia (especially China). Distinguishable by their variety in formats, their small size and their reduced weight, those packets are halfway between the “mail” and “parcel” formats.
In a bid to process this growing traffic which standard systems are ill-suited to handle, SOLYSTIC is offering its new CPS solution. CPS is extremely efficient both for packets and for “rest mail” (meaning any item of mail which, because of its shape or size, is not compatible with current sorting machines). CPS can include a SOLYSTIC automatic reading function, which is especially effective with addresses that are written down in foreign countries, which often do not follow the same addressing standards as the country of destination. CPS also makes it possible to print information on to the items which can be read by a human (in alphanumerical format), making distribution operations easier and more reliable.

Combined with XMS™ - the SOLYSTIC solution for “mixed” large and small mail formats, CPS will successfully run the automatic processing of a postal operator’s entire traffic: from the post to “rest mail” items and packets.

SOLYSTIC supports bpost for its NewBx project

As part of its "Vision 2020" project, bpost set about constructing a new sorting center in Brussels. The commissioning of the new center represents a strategic challenge.   Read more

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DP DHL Group Supplier Awards

Award DP-DHL, Quality CategorySOLYSTIC received a supplier award for the letter sequencing program (OGA)


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SOLYSTIC recruits

SOLYSTIC recruitsAs a subsidiary of the Northrop Grumman American group, SOLYSTIC employs more than 420 people on two sites.


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Supplier of the year

SOLYSTIC, rewarded by Postal Technology International

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