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Flat sorting

First and foremost, postal operators are looking for reliability and availability. SOLYSTIC’s flat sorting machines provide highly automated solutions.


SOLYSTIC™'s TOP 2000 and TOP machines process small and large format items alike – paper envelopes, plastic wrapped mail pieces, magazines, open mail etc. 

These machines have been designed to provide comfortable working conditions for the operators and maintenance teams and to maximise productivity. For example, reducing noise levels and providing easy access to the maintenance corridor.
Over 700 copies of the classic version of TOP have been manufactured and the product has over 20 years of operations behind it. It has now benefited from many upgrades.


Its strong points

  • A wide range of mail. 
  • High throughput – up to 43,200 mail pieces/hour.
  • Modular system both at input and output levels.
  • Optimised maintenance. 



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