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Our roles

Working in partnership with major international players in the postal market, SOLYSTIC develops customised postal sorting solutions. Our roles are based on a sound technical expertise that is structured around customer satisfaction.


SOLYSTIC's rôles

    • Analysing, designing and manufacturing mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical and software parts for our machines and systems – Web technologies, optical recognition, CAD, digital electronics etc.
    • Creating modules – manufacturing, controlling and assembling parts.
    • Support services for international customers - tests in the factory and on customer premises, integration, installation, design and training (presential courses or e-learning).
    • International project management – bidding for tender, project support and supervision for our international customers. 









Men and women behind SOLYSTIC believe in 4 essential values:

  • goal sharing,
  • proactivity,
  • sense of responsabilitty,
  • solidarity.

These commitments unite our employees in a common goal: customer satisfaction.




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