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Our roles

SOLYSTIC is a French company leader in automated solutions for parcel and mail sorting. As a subsidiary of the Northrop Grumman American group, SOLYSTIC employs more than 420 people on two sites.


Working in partnership with major international players in the postal market, SOLYSTIC develops customised postal sorting solutions. Our roles are based on a sound technical expertise that is structured around customer satisfaction.

SOLYSTIC's rôles

    • Analysing, designing and manufacturing mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical and software parts for our machines and systems – Web technologies, optical recognition, CAD, digital electronics etc.
    • Creating modules – manufacturing, controlling and assembling parts.
    • Support services for international customers - tests in the factory and on customer premises, integration, installation, design and training (presential courses or e-learning).
    • International project management – bidding for tender, project support and supervision for our international customers. 

Men and women behind SOLYSTIC believe in 4 essential values:

  • goal sharing,
  • proactivity,
  • sense of responsabilitty,
  • solidarity.

These commitments unite our employees in a common goal: customer satisfaction.




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