Private operators

Thanks to its experience with postal operators, SOLYSTIC has developped a range of solutions for private operators. From 20,000 mail items, SOLYSTIC is profitable.  


The MARS machine by SOLYSTIC™ is a compact machine run by a single operator. A short training period is needed in order to handle the machine correctly. Its installation is quick.


MARS uses

  • Mail preparation

MARS is used for facing, stamping and cancelling, addressing and printing customer codes.

  • Pre-sorting

MARS sorts your mail into pre-defined batches, enabling you to get the best possible postage rates.

  • Sorting

MARS guarantees that your mail volumes are processed both in their entirety and with accuracy. Its automatic reading function enables all information contained on the envelope to be read and processed.

  • Consolidation

MARS performs all operations required to ensure your mail is consolidated effectively.

  • Security, confidentiality and quality of service

MARS ensures that criteria set by postal operators are met by combining reliability, performance and quality. With MARS, no need of external files transfer to outsource the processing; your mail is safely sorted without risk of loss of data.

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