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Solynews is SOLYSTIC’s twice-yearly newsletter for key players and decision-makers in the postal industry. Each issue covers the major questions that professionals may be asking and how SOLYSTIC is working to answer them. Solynews delivers the latest on our company and our job.



Contents # 15

Benefits of postal benchmarking
How do you know how well you are doing?
An address for all South Africans has arrived
More than 70% of South African households have been identified by a formal postal address, and ...
Two historical contracts for SOLYSTIC
SOLYSTIC’s strategy is paying off.
CMS, a revolution in documentation
The system used to create and manage documentation has been replaced by a new one...
SOLYSTIC’s partnership with French Grandes Écoles
Within the context of its approach to CSR, SOLYSTIC works in partnership with leading engineering schools.


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