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Maintain the performance of your solutions 

As soon as your equipment is installed and for as long as it is in operation, SOLYSTIC experts provide support to ensure you are getting the most out of your solutions. 


Support, maintenance, easy-View, SOLYSTICMaintenance and spare parts: Services are customised according to the level of support decided on together.

Technical support: we have dedicated teams working on each customer contract; these people can log on to your machines in real time.

Supervision: a web monitoring tool enables us to monitor our systems, both in real time and remotely, thereby significantly reducing costs.

Training and coaching: our training is provided by teams with an understanding of operations in the field. We can also help you manage change.

Process optimisation: we supply advice and suggest the necessary improvements to help you turn the solutions you use to your best advantage.

Overall equipment efficiency measure: our OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) solutions help you simply and regularly measure the efficiency of your tools.

Service Level Agreement - SLA: we manage the maintenance of your process and commit to achieving a certain service level.

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