Mobile robotics for parcel processing

Soly™ is the SOLYSTIC’solution based on a fleet of mobile robots managed in real time by an IT System which supervises all movements and permanently locates objects. Combined with trolleys, robots transport parcels individually. Objects are placed on trays and their images are acquired to allow an automatic recognition system to provide the information necessary for their handling.

The benefits of the Soly™ solution:

  • No fixed infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable
  • The preparation area can be shared with other activities according to the time of day
  • Easy to adjust the amount of robots used according to high and low peaks in the workload
  • Less musculoskeletal disorders among staff and reduced staff turnover.
Solystic - Parcels sorting automation - Mobile robotics to sort the parcels and prepare the delivery round - Soly™

Soly™ sorts the parcels

Solystic - Parcels sorting automation - Sorting bulky items

Soly™ can sort the parcels into any kind of container (bags, pallet boxes etc.). Until now, the preparation was mostly manual, or based on large, fixed conveyor systems. Soly ™ also allows the sortation of objects that are too large to be transported on standard equipment.

Soly™ automatically prepares the delivery driver’s run

Soly™ automatically prepares the order of delivery and the loading of the parcels. Soly™ sorts the parcels according to the level of service chosen by the end customer (delivery time, special delivery, consolidation, change of delivery address etc.) or to the type of product (refrigerated, fragile, return pending etc.). Then they are presented to the driver who has the possibility beforehand of checking or even modifying the order of distribution using a tablet. He can then load the parcels prior to setting off on his run.

Until now, preparation was mostly done by hand or was based on large, fixed conveyor systems. It required the presence of all drivers at the same time during parcel handling and sequencing prior to loading their vans.

Solystic - Parcels sorting automation - Mobile robotics to sort the parcels and prepare the delivery round - Soly™

Soly™ sequences in-store deliveries

Soly™ is the ideal solution for optimizing the supply chains of large retail operators. Soly™ prepares the store delivery, removes the stocks, reduces resupply time and increases available retail space.


  • France 2016: round preparation application.
  • Asia 2017: test for sorting in bags, 11 robotic shuttles, 40 containers organized over less than 90 m².
  • United States 2017: optimization of the preparation of the parcels of a distribution leader for dispatch, before handing the parcels over to delivery operators.
  • United States 2018: improved stock management thanks to the automated replenishment of the distribution centers'serving stores.
  • France 2018: sorting of large parcels at Beaune on a DPD site.