Innovation by SOLYSTIC

Here at SOLYSTIC, innovation is a key factor in highlighting developments for its equipment and systems. To this end, SOLYSTIC invests over 5% of its turnover in Research and Development each year.

Solab - Innovation here at SOLYSTIC

Our research topics:

  • improving the performance,
  • implementation of new functionalities of existing machines and systems,
  • creating new solutions, for the parcel and post segments.

SOLYSTIC aims to optimise and reduce the operating costs of its customers.

Solab - Innovation here at SOLYSTIC - SOSi™

Here at SOLYSTIC, innovation also applies to working methods:

  • demonstrating the feasibility of a concept using SOSi™ simulations before testing it digitally throughout the development phase,
  • integrate and maintain skills for advanced market technologies (big data, artificial intelligence, etc.) as part of development teams,
  • ensure the support of dedicated teams in "start-up" mode for projects requiring flexibility and creativity.

SOLYSTIC has received awards for its equipment and technologies in recent years:

  • 2012: Automation technology award for XMS™
  • 2013: Innovation award for XMS™
  • 2012 & 2016: supplier of the year
  • 2017: Supplier award – Quality category for the deployment of the MARS program in Germany
Solystic - XMS™