Technical assistance throughout the life cycle

We process all requests for our equipment, from the request for information to the actual operation, not forgetting the need for references or complementary documentation, with one priority target: ensuring our customers are fully satisfied.

What added value do our customers benefit from?

  • The expertise and responsiveness of teams: our qualified experts are available to listen to customers at all times, whether on-site or called on request, and can log in to equipment on the spot.
Solystic - Lifecycle Services - Technical assistance
Solystic - Lifecycle Services - Technical assistance
  • Support and local relations: our teams and those of the customer must work jointly. We organise regular reports with our correspondents; in Belgium, we guarantee that the industrial resources of bpost are available and effective.
  • High performance services and tools: real-time monitoring thanks to secure web access and dedicated customer account managers. Thanks to technological developments, tools are used to back-up or complement physical operations and to guide technicians throughout the operation.

Our customers:
bpost (Belgium), CTT Correios (Portugal), Deutsche Post (Germany), PostNL (the Netherlands), La Poste (France), Posten Norge (Norway), Posti (Finland), Postnord (Sweden/Denmark), Royal Mail (UK).

Solystic - Technical assistance throughout the solution life cycle