Parcel sorting platforms

Parcel flows, particularly for e-commerce parcels, are increasing significantly, mainly from China, and postal and logistics operators must structure their network appropriately. Thanks to its resources and skills, SOLYSTIC is a key contact when creating nodes for these networks, from hubs to distribution branches:

SOLYSTIC - Automatisation tri colis - Plateformes de tri des colis
  • modeling proposed solutions, from pre-sales phases to the final integration of the project,
  • supplying all parcel equipment required for sorting, particularly central equipment in partnership with Leonardo,
  • implementing an IT system to control parcel equipment, able to integrate sorting parameters, particularly multi-criteria sorting,
  • images acquisition of parcels and automatic reading for address recognition,
  • integrating all system components,
  • managing programs, no matter how complex,
  • the possibility to maintain these solutions.

Joint SOLYSTIC - Leonardo projects confirm their partnership and SOLYSTIC's ability to integrate ICT, sorting equipment, handling equipment and services as part of a global solution.

Our customers:
bpost (for the integration of a Leonardo sorting device in the IT SOLYSTIC environment), La Poste (SOLYSTIC/Leonardo selected from the La Poste supplier panel as part of its program for new parcel platforms)