Parcel sorting platforms

Parcel flows, particularly those resulting from e-commerce, are constantly increasing and require postal and logistics operators to structure their network accordingly.
SOLYSTIC's know-how and expertise make it a key stakeholder for the integration of sorting solutions with postal and logistics partners:

SOLYSTIC - Automatisation tri colis - Plateformes de tri des colis

Starting from a blank plan and based on our customer's requirements, we know how to design and deploy the most relevant solution, integrating high performance and ergonomic constraints.

We rely on our Simulation tool SOSi™ from the pre-sales phase to the final integration of the project. We do not hesitate to build partnerships if the project requires it.
Our strenghts
• Strong experience, solution integrator, teaming with parcel sorter providers for the highest level of accuracy, reliability and maintainability
• Strong capacity for innovation based on robotics :
  * Robotic singulation and induction to infeed lines
  * Mobile robotics Soly™ (robots) for moving non machinable items and trolleys
• Tailor-made solutions, specifically designed for the Customer :
  * Modelling and simulating, using the SOLYSTIC SOSi™ “digital twin” software environment
  * Simple design for efficient operation and easy maintenance

Our method in 6 steps :

  • Design and sizing of the proposed solution,
  • Dynamic flow simulation by the SOLYSTIC tool SOSi™ to validate the performances and smooth operation of the control software,
  • Selection and supply of proven subsystems (conveyors, sorter, acquisition system on the 6 sides of the item, control-command system) according to their integration capacity,
  • Installation by own means and/or supervision of subcontractors,
  • Connection of the whole and control of all the subsystems linking input lines, sorter, and outputs,
  • Commissioning.
All within a schedule.
We also offer Services throughout the solution's lifecycle.

Our customers:

bpost (for the integration of a Leonardo sorting device in the IT SOLYSTIC environment), La Poste (SOLYSTIC/Leonardo selected from the La Poste supplier panel as part of its program for new parcel platforms) and the operational use of HUB5 in Brive la Gaillarde - the nerve centre of the south-western parcel distribution network.