SOSi™, an environment of modelling

SOSi™ is an advanced simulation environment to digitalize the entire scope of your supply chain and create a « digital Twin » of your industrial process.

SOSi™ and the industrial/logistics supply chain

SOSi™ allows the simulation of the entire industrial/logistics supply chain including suppliers, factories, subcontractors and means of transportation. Indeed, SOSi™ makes it possible to reduce the times of production cycles, stocks and implement optimization strategies.

Innovation here at SOLYSTIC - SOSi™

SOSi™, digital twin for SOLYSTIC™ solutions

SOSi™ is the simulation/emulation software developed internally by SOLYSTIC. SOSi™ simulates the sizing of a project from the start, and then support integration and deployment. The virtual system reacts like the physical system, which allows:

  • Test and validation of new sub-system versions prior to deployment of physical equipment,
  • Replay scenarios pre-recorded during the production process,
  • Test the behavior of individual objects, flows and complete solutions.
XMS™2 in Bologna

The benefits of SOSi™

Using SOSi™ in the main stages of SOLYSTIC program management allows:

  • Sharing a solution with the skateholders to check validity, consistency and sizing (flow simulation),
  • Validating the complete automation of a ‘’dock to dock’’ sorting project.
  • Testing the components of a solution and carrying out integration tests for sub-assemblies (SOLYSTIC and third party equipment),
  • The validation, with the customer, of the operational gain before the start of production of a technological improvement or the complete automation of a dock-to-dock sorting site,
  • The consideration of all the components of the industrial and logistic supply chain,
  • Consistent management of all levels of the model, from high-level flows to the behavior of physical components

SOSi™, a digital companion

  • USA, 2017: design, development and integration of an automated complex solution
  • Italy, 2017: simulation of input / output automation of a sorting machine
  • USA, 2018: simulation of a process that optimizes store resupply based on mobile robots Soly™
  • USA, 2018: simulation of a workshop for the total automation of the final mail sorting
  • France, 2018: the setting up of a collaborative project of supply chain simulation with ARaymond France
  • France, 2019: simulation of a fleet of more than 40 mobile robots on a La Poste site.