Our innovation partners

SOLYSTIC is supported by external competencies and develops partnerships with players facing a shared challenge: innovation.


Schools and universities:

Many SOLYSTIC schools host trainees and interns to construct projects on a wide range of matters, boosting motivation in key innovation sectors for SOLYSTIC, particularly data interpretation and image recognition, robotics, etc. The following schools are involved: Centrale-Supelec, Ensimag, ENS, Esisar.


Research laboratories

SOLYSTIC has always incorporated the competencies of reputed laboratories in the development of solutions and products to match future market requirements. Examples: Université Pierre & Marie Curie, École des Mines de Saint-Etienne, CEA, etc.


Competitiveness clusters

We take advantage of our ecosystem and the openings offered by competitiveness clusters and develop partnerships with innovative companies and research laboratories with a preference for cooperation. This is particularly the case for Minalogic, an International competitiveness cluster located in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.


Standardization bodies

SOLYSTIC is aware of the importance of aspects of standardization, which promote open and interoperable systems, available for customers, and actively participates in French and international standardization bodies: AFNOR, CEN  and UPU.