Sorting Factory

Sorting factories are designed to process e-commerce items and to prepare delivery rounds with a high degree of accuracy and throughput. A single site automates the operations of the usual central hubs and local wharehouses. Once sorted into bags, the parcels are loaded into trucks before leaving for the wharehouses.

The SOLYSTIC solution is based on the use of a CST (Compact Slide Tray) small parcel sorter combined with Soly™ mobile robotics for container and bag handling and automated feeding with tippers and pick&place robots.

The advantages of the solution

  • The most compact machine on the market
  • Manual input/output or almost complete automation thanks to robotic pick & place
  • Outputs compatible with all types of containers (bins, bags and rolling cages)
  • Mobile robotics Soly™ for the bin, bag and rolling cage processing up to the truck loading
  • Automated battery change/charging station
  • Connection to existing systems : ERP, WMS, address reading

... all in a limited footprint

Our customers:

Technical characteristics

  • Limited footprint, very high output density; e. g. 360 outputs in 100m length
  • Flow rate: 11,000 objects/h
  • Dimensions of object :

    * Max: L400*W300*T200 mm
    * Minimum: L16*W12*T8 mm
    * Weight: from 20 g to 5 kg
  • Up to 10.000 directions in a multi-pass mod