Control and Supervision of the sorting process

Warehouse Control Systems (WCS)

The WCS prepares/activates, pilots and supervises sorting processes, produces production reports and supervises installations; this module integrates all the supervision functions specific to each sorter.

Reading and coding system

The system stores the images captured from the objects, distributes them to the automatic reading and/or video coding resources according to:

  • the coding levels required by the sorting operations,
  • the constraints on the availability of these resources,
  • and operational priorities.

It can be distributed or centralized in cloud mode and can be redundant. It allows the tracking of objects, batches and value-added services.

New BX Maintenance 2018

Process Supervision and Control

Thanks to the supervision screens, production managers control the efficiency of each sorting process in real time and can readjust the configuration parameters.

New BX Maintenance 2018