Helping with manual sorting operations and preparing for delivery

Automatic assistance for manual mail processing

The CAMS solution can be used to process letters, flats and small parcels.
This solution can:

  • increase the productivity of manual tasks thanks to CAMS-Sort
  • merge mechanized and manual flows prior to distribution thanks to CAMS-merge

CAMS is compatible with existing sorting pigeonholes and is based on the simple principle of slot identification, independently to sorting plans.
Thanks to an effective video coding and address resolution, the same system used by the sorting machines, CAMS can inform the operator which slot to place the object in. While the operator is picking the post up, the system is already handling the next letter.
CAMS is intuitive for operators to initially use and no prior knowledge of sorting criteria is required.

SOLYSTIC - Manual sorting assistance - CAMS

Preparing for distribution

CAMS can sort in several passes, just like SOLYSTIC equipment, and results are stored between runs thanks to V-Id™. The solution processes successive sorting plans with no need for reconfiguration. The solution can be used to complement the SOLYSTIC XMS™  solution for preparing the mail to be distributed for a specific round.

CAMS is easy to integrate in existing sorting systems, and helps to centralize manual operations. Finally, the CAMS solution can be used partially or fully.

Our customers
More than 120 units are currently in use. Norway Post (Norway), bpost (Belgium).

SOLYSTIC - Manual sorting assistance