Compact Slide Tray

The CST - Compact Slide Tray- machine is the most compact high-speed sorting equipment on the market for the processing of small packages, in particular objects from e-commerce activities.

The advantages of the solution

  • Manual infeed/output or almost total automation thanks to robotic pick & place
  • Outputs compatible with all types of containers (bins, bags and rolling cages)
  • Mobile robotics Soly™ for the container processing between passes and up to truck loading
  • Connexion to existing systems (ERP, WMS, address reading).

Technical characteristics

  • Limited footprint, very high output density; e. g. 360 outputs in 50 m length
  • Flow rate: 10 to 15 000 objects/h
  • Spectrum of objects:
    * Maximum: L400*W300*T200 mm
    * Minimum: L16*W12*T8 mm
    * Weight: from 20 g to 5 kg

CST has been shortlisted at the Parcel+Post-Expo 2019, category ‘Sorting & Fulfillment Hub Technology of the Year'

Our customers:
PostNL, Royal Mail, Austria Post