SOLYSTIC Human Resources

Our DNA is based on innovation and therefore primarily on YOU! SOLYSTIC welcomes, integrates, trains and develops its employees throughout their careers. Regardless of your initial training, our HR teams are at your service, to listen and support your development projects.
Our investment in training represents approximately 4% of personnel expenses, our expert teams are available to listen to your proposals and constantly aim to update their working methods in terms of engineering (design and development), business development, project management, assembly and production management, logistics, etc.

# Development

Working here at SOLYSTIC also means working in a friendly atmosphere, where team spirit is the name of the game, allowing each individual to give the best of themselves each and every day, to the benefit of our customers.
SOLYSTIC employees talk about Career Development

# Confidence

Our customers, major business providers based around the world, also provide us with some great opportunities to improve, and help to confirm our leading position in the postal and logistics solutions market.
SOLYSTIC employees talk about confidence

# Innovation

This drive to ensure integration covers many strategic priorities for the Company: refreshing skills thanks to partnerships and relations with a number of engineering and business schools, final-year projects and research agreements concluded with laboratories, technical innovation based on 'reverse mentoring', and extra supervision for managers, teamwork and across-the-board communications in all SOLYSTIC services.
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# Diversity

SOLYSTIC has also signed a three-year agreement for Quality of Living in the Workplace, aiming to optimize the efficiency of employees by ensuring a life-work balance. Two examples: telecommuting launched in 2015, and places reserved in the inter-company childcare each year. SOLYSTIC also supports initiatives to promote equality at work, the employment of older members of staff, and integrating and retaining the disabled at work.
SOLYSTIC employees talk about diversity